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Ruby on Rails: An Introduction

In this course, we will explore how to build web applications with the Ruby on Rails web application framework, which is geared towards rapid prototyping. Yes, that means building quickly! At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to build a meaningful web application and deploy it to the “cloud” using a Heroku PaaS (Platform as a Service).

Introduction to CSS3

The web today is almost unrecognizable from the early days of white pages with lists of blue links. Now, sites are designed with complex layouts, unique fonts, and customized colour schemes. This course will show you the basics of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3).

Practical Machine Learning

One of the most common tasks performed by data scientists and data analysts are prediction and machine learning. This course will cover the basic components of building and applying prediction functions with an emphasis on practical applications.

Popular Coding Language to Learn


Python is known for its high readability and simple syntax that is easy to learn, according to the report. "For new coders especially, the consistency and simplicity of Python both contribute to its ease of use and approachability," the report stated.


Java is a general-purpose programming language that is specifically designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible.


Ruby is a dynamic, open-source programming language with a focus on simplicity. It also ranked high on the list of most creative programming languages.

Java Coding Tips for Beginners

Learn the Basics

As with anything, knowing the basics about Java is the best place to start. This is something you can start straight away – studying the basics online is a huge help to kick-starting your Java programming.

Practice Coding

To use the old cliché, practice makes perfect. If you don’t want to study or practise, you won’t become a successful Java programmer. Luckily, you can practice Java programming from home without the need for any fancy software or facilities, so the best thing to do is get started once you’ve come to grips with the basics.

Set Your Algorithm Carefully

Here’s where you’ll put yourself to the test. In order to be able to set your algorithm, you’ll need to be able to understand the basics of Java. You’ll create and solve a problem for yourself in your early days practising Java – it’s all part of the learning curve.

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